Monday, July 14, 2008

The worst week in the sporting calender?

If you think about it, and, clearly, I just did, is this the worst sporting week in the year as we know it? With the exception of the MLB All Star Game, what exactly is there to keep us occupied?

The answer: Nothing. Nada. Diddly. Squat. Zilch.

  • Baseball? The infernal All Star break. Hey, I have nothing against the All-Star game, sometimes it's really good fun, and it's easily the best of all the major sports all -star events. It's just such a long week without meaningful baseball.
  • Soccer? We are still several weeks away from the start of the Premiership, La Liga and the next World Cup qualifiers
  • Football? Have the training camps even started yet? I don’t think so. Even then, still weeks and weeks away from the start of the NFL season.

So, what on earth is a sports junkie supposed to do this week, huh? Somebody tell me! I am already feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

I will tell you this, next Saturday I am going to watch twelve hours solid baseball. Twelve. Count 'em.


1 comment:

Brian said...

If this week is the worst week (which it is) then today must be the worst day - not even a 15 inning All Star game to watch the highlights of!!!

Good thing I'm too hungover from Copper Face Jacks to care! Which incidentally answers the question of what to do this week....

Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
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