Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yankees raising the white flag?

Are the 2008 New York Yankees raising the white flag?

Check out this almost unbelievable comment made by Johnny Damon, when talking about how the Yankees 2008 season is going.
''We've got an uphill battle against teams that are probably more athletic than us."
Pretty revealing, shocking statement for the Yankee left fielder to make. I like Damon. He seems like an honest player and always gives 100% in the field. I thoroughly enjoyed his biography, easily the best, most interesting 'player written' sporting book I have read. However, what on earth must the guys in the Yankee locker room make of this?

Very unusual comment.



The Omnipotent Q said...

I do agree with you that Damon's always gives 100% on the field, but I have to disagree with you on a couple of other things.

Damon honest? Remember he said in May 2005 that as a free agent the Yankees would come after him "hard" but he would "never" sign with them.

And about his book. It was absolutely one of the most poorly written books I have ever read. Peter Golenbock did an awful job with it, as it is loaded with typos, names he got wrong (Red Sox bench coach "Brian Mills?") and facts he got wrong. Not just one or two here and there, but it was embarrassingly filled with mistakes up the wazoo. And I don't say that because Damon left for the Yankees. I wrote a review of it for back in 2005, and members of the Johnny Damon Fan Club didn't like what I wrote.

Cormac said...

Hi, technically speaking you are probably totally right, I read it on a plane on my way to Boston so I probably enjoyed it more than I would have had I poured over it properly, I just remember thinking it was a very easy, enjoyable read.

You are probably right though.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Hey Cormac,

I have to admit there were parts of the book that were enjoyable to read, and when Damon spoke of the severity of his concussion in 2003, that was rather surprising. When the book got into his Red Sox days, that's when I started seeing all the typos and errors. Whoever was in charge of fact-checking and proofreading for it should have been fired.

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