Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Anti Clutch

So first things first, I love this, type 'anti clutch' in on Google images and check out what comes up in the returned hits

Good old A-Frog. Ah yes. So there I was watching the Yankees beat the Angels Saturday night and the Yanks had a cosy little 5-2 lead. With A-Fraud stepping up to the plate I thought to myself 'Bet he goes yard'. Sure enough, Kapow, long solo shot off an already stunned Jered Weaver (his fourth home run given up on the night). The I laughed a little. Then I thought, 'you know what, is A-Fraud really that anti-clutch? Does he really choke in the clutch?'

I decided to research further. My research material? A-Choke's 2008 statistics so far.

What I found was absolutely enjoyable.

It's totally true. When the going gets touch, A-Rod simply folds.

With the bases loaded, no pitcher should be afraid with A-Rod coming to the plate. A-Fraud's average with same? A hefty .167. Nice! That's clutch! How about with a runner on second? In that situation A-Rod has had plenty of opportunities, 31 at bats. His return? A choking .161 average. That's simply pathetic. And beautiful at the same time.

The best of the lot though? In the situation which is called 'close and late' (close score, late inning), A-Rod has had 43 at bats. That's quite a few in that spot. A-Rod's average? A tremendously feeble .209. Basically in every 10 clutch at bats A-Rod fails 8 times. Superb.

The man is like a beach chair when it comes to clutch situations, he simply folds when they present themselves.

It's just beautiful. .209 average in clutch situations! God bless his little cotton socks. Much as I abhor him, he is wonderfully entertaining!


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