Monday, August 11, 2008

Big night in Chicago

Just throwing this out there, if you don't like it, spin it right on back at me. You know me, I absolutely hate the panic-mongering that goes on amongst many a Red Sox fan in the sprawling network/fan base that is Red Sox Nation. Drives me nuts. However, having said that, is tonight a make or break night for the Red Stockings?

I'll clarify. What I mean is, if the Sox lose tonight, will it signal the beginning of the end of the '08 season?

Why, you ask, am I willing to suggest such a sweeping generalisation? Simple. If the Sox can't pull out a win against Chicago with their ace on the mound, they could not only be 5.5 games behind Tampa for the AL East, they could also be trailing in the Wild Card standings for the first time.

There is also the fact that if they lose, with their ace on the hill, it will be a crushing moral blow to a team that needs all the breaks it can get right now, with an injury list worse than the first units ashore at Omaha beach in 1945.

Beckett - needs to show the way tonight for Boston

Maybe tonight isn't 'make or break' for the Boston Red Sox, it is definitely 'put up or shut up' however. Put it this way, a win tonight, a dominant, assured performance from Beckett and Boston can move forward with heart. A loss and, well, let's just not think about that option right now.

Cross that bridge if we come to it. Patriots are starting up again soon, right?



Brian said...

I'd never wish for guys to get injured, but with Longo on the DL the Rays are a much lesser team. That guy can play and has a big future.

And whaddya know - Josh delivered.

Cormac said...

Josh stepped up to the plate, you never want to 'expect' a guy to do that, but its great to see it happen!

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