Friday, August 15, 2008

Kick the Spanish basketball team out of the Olympics, now!

Catch the picture of the Spanish men's Olympic basketball team making 'slanty eyes' in an official team portrait?

There is plenty of debate going on about this insanely ridiculous picture, but really it is all noise. It should not matter that the Chinese have (so far) taken this in their stride and ignored it. It shouldn't matter that nobody in Spain, nobody on the Spanish basketball team thought 'this might be appropriate'. The only thing that should matter right now is the Olympic councils reaction.

In this day and age, where racism is supposedly not tolerated, this kind of disgusting, crass act should be punished immediately, there is no doubt in my mind the Spanish basketball team should be thrown out of the games immediately.

Let me put this in perspective.

Imagine Le Bron James had dunked on Yao Ming and then made a 'slanty eye' celebration afterwards? The web servers at ESPN would quite literally have crashed with the amount of traffic that would have come from that hypothetical incident. The uproar in the States, and worldwide, would have seen Le Bron sent home in disgrace. No doubt about.

Witness here however, how the entire Spanish men's team has made a ridiculously racist advertisement and, so far, has gotten away with it entirely.

How is this so?

The Olympic council can come out with a strong message against racism and throw Spain out of the tournament, leaving no doubt where they stand. Instead, they will do nothing, and a few racist scum-bags out there will have a chuckle at the Spanish teams asinine moment of 'high comedy'.

I hope the USA beats Spain by fifty points when they play them, they are a complete disgrace and deserve nothing but bad luck the rest of the way.

Luckily, Sports Karma has a way of catching this kind of stuff out in the long run.



Anonymous said...

Please join my protest page on Facebook called ''Kick racist Spain out of the Olympics''

Kind regards

Shane du Barrie

Cormac said...

Ironically they will be knocked out soon after the USA wiped the floor with them..

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Irish National baseball team
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