Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh, Manny.

There's a great scene in the comedy classic 'Anchorman' where one of Ron Bergundy's friends fails to think before he speaks and goes just a little too far, ending up sounding a little, well, desperate.

The classic line? Brian Fantana dead panning;
''Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while.''
Someone needs to pull Manny Ramirez aside, and do a quick Brian Fantana impression on him.

Put a sock in it Manny, stop talking for a while. Boston fans all saw what he was up to. It was very simple, he wanted out of the Olde Towne and he achieved this by bullying the front office into submission, cowardly leaving his bat on his shoulder against Mariano, and refusing to even jog down the first base line.

Now, he seems to want to continue to rub it in on Boston and it's fans.

How about this most recent quote, from the rocket scientist that is Manny Ramirez;

''If your happiness depends on Boston winning or losing, you have to get a life."

Well, Manny, you just managed to alienate a pretty large group of people.

Nice work, chief.

The above quote was from the LA Times, where TJ Simers did all but carry Manny's luggage on his next flight, his sycophantic apologism for the clown like slugger taking on levels never seen even in the heights of Manny's tenure in Boston.

One line I found amusing was the following;
He wants to leave Boston behind, but a few weeks back Curt Schilling felt it necessary to let everyone know Ramirez is no team player. Funny, some say the same about Schilling.
I don't think any of Curt Schilling's Boston team mates have ever thought of him as anything but a consummate team-mate, a blue collar pitcher who had potentially devastating surgery in order to lead Boston to the promised land in 2004. You think Manny would have had that invasive surgery, and then pitched the Sox past the Yankees a few days later?

I don't think so!!

These Dodger fans and writers, oh boy, they are in for some shock when Manny wakes up bored one day in La La land. When things aren't going Manny's way, he tends to throw a few things out of the pram, and sometimes they hit people, like 60 year old travelling secretaries.

Should be interesting to see how they deal with his first tantrum.



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