Saturday, September 27, 2008

Okay now I understand...

...every now and then, baseball is a beautiful thing. Sometimes you get caught up in a game that you did not expect to find interest in. Let's just say, now I understand the fuss over Johan Santana. With the Mets absolutely desperate for a win against the plucky Marlins, Santana took the ball and threw nine shut-out innings against one of the better slugging sides in the Majors.

Let me just interject here that I am not a Mets fan. Generally, I tend towards giggling at their ineptitude. Last seasons collapse? Kinda funny, although that isn't fair on Vegas, Chris and Jason, my Mets supporting friends.

However, tonight, Santana was simply awesome. Any time the Marlins got on base, he upped it another notch and led the Mets, single handed, to the finish line. Really stunning performance in a crucial, clutch situation.

With the final out I found myself involuntarily clapping.

I totally understand why the Mets gave up all those prospects for Santana. He is an absolute bull dog. If the Mets make the playoffs, and they have a chance now, I will definitely grab a brew and some popcorn and take a seat for Santana's games.

Simply put, he is an artist at work, an angry, focused, aggressive one, but an artist no less.

Wonderful stuff.


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Brian said...

Exact same can be said for CC - picthing again again on 3 days rest - he gets another CG! What a fighter!
I have a few €€ on the Sox to take the whole thing but I don't like the news today that Josh has been scratched from game 1...

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