Monday, September 08, 2008

Random Red Sox-ness

Kind of lost in the mess last night was this comment from Big Papi, 'My hand is not OK'
That is not what anybody wanted to hear in light of what happened at the Razor.
I guess this shouldn't have come as a shock, considering it was the first home run Papi has hit in twenty games. Thankfully the big lug has managed to keep his average up, and has remained productive in the heart of the Red Sox order. Still, imagine Papi went down with the wrist? What next, a New England Revolution star going down?

Can the Sox cheer everybody up tonight? A win tonight would definitely be welcome. Considering how poorly Tampa have played at Fenway, how well Lester has pitched there and how badly Tampa have played lately (five losses in six games) you would have to think the Sox have, at the very least, a decent chance.

Lester has been almost unbeatable at Fenway of late, going 8-0 with a 2.64 ERA in his last 13 starts there.

How good a pickup was Paul Byrd? He seems to be a good fit in the clubhouse and he has gone 8-1 in his last nine games with a spiffy little 2.61 ERA.

Finally, the Red Sox dipped to 5-1 in some bookies last week, after having been quoted at 4-1 for weeks on end. After a good little stretch they have jumped right back to 4-1, shame, that 5-1 was pretty tasty, while it lasted. I would be the first to admit the Sox aren't a dominant side at all, not like 2007, however would you want to face Beckett/Matsuzaka/Lester in the playoffs?

Didn't think so!



Brian said...

Your wish has been granted! Good win, I fancied them last week @ 9/4 to win the AL East - odds were 11/10 yesterday and must be les than evens today.

Worst case scenario they will split the next 2 games, although they're unbeaten v TB at Genway this year. Away from the Fens is a slightly different story!

Keep up the good work :-)

Cormac said...

''9/4 to win the AL East ''
Wow, nice!

Brian said...

It WAS nice, I think that's when they were 3.5 gb

As of now they're 2/1 to win the AL Pennant - those odds are not making me leap out my nearest office window in order to get to the bookies

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