Monday, September 22, 2008

Sports Karms frowns on Boo Weekley

Boo Weekley.Oh my goodness. Where do you start? First though that jumps to mind, the brilliant, eminently watchable and always entertaining Robert Downey Jnr in 'Tropic Thunder' proclaiming 'He's gone full retard'.

''Everybody knows you never go full retard. ''

So, as Boo Weekley, who appears to have as much class as a particularly rude, learning disabled orangutan, whooped it up like a particularly annoying teenage brat after a shot on day two, before his opponent had chance to make his shot, nobody thought to themselves, 'wow, that's not cool'?

It appear, judging by the self-congratulatory pap coming out of the online US media outlets today, people actually think his behaviour was a good thing. I see, apparently the end of the world is neigh.

Some of the antics of that Weekley gimp and the US crowd in general were shocking. It was as if twenty drunken frat house imbeciles had stolen access to the PA system and were leading the mindless throng in a deluge of ungracious, classless drivel.

I tried my hand, with various degrees of ineptitude and disaster, at full-pad US football this last year with the DCU Saints, a well coached Dublin squad. In our very first game we got a penalty in a crucial position and myself and another rookie clapped loudly, celebrating like, well, like rookies. We were suitably chastised, you just don't clap, applaud or do the Happy Gilmore dance in those situations. Watching the American crowd roar in delight with each European miss I thought to myself, 'Wow, coach would rip into these guys.'

The phrase that jumps to mind most is, 'act like you have been here before.' On the Irish baseball team we were lucky enough to have a great coach called Rick Steen, who guided us through our early years. After a big early win we over did it on the celebration front. Before our next game, coach said 'Hey, guys, if you win this one, act like you have been here before!'. It's a very simple yet very effective little piece of experience you pick up. Not showing up the opposition, respecting the game and basically acting like you belong.

'Act like you have been here before' seems to have gone out the window over the weekend in Kentucky, but then again, having not touched the trophy since 1999, Boo Weekley and the rest of the kappa-kappa-gimp-obnoxious house possibly don't remember the last time they were 'there before', So I guess that's cool. Carry on.


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