Monday, September 08, 2008

This is no fun at all.

Not the image any Patriots fan wanted to see this weekend past.

Couple of thoughts on this.

First off, it's very strange how much a potential Brady injury was worried over during the pre-season Patriots games. Pretty crazy how, just a few snaps in, the greatest fear of the Patriots organisation comes to pass.

Pretty disgusting to see some idiots celebrate on various Internet forums. I was going to blast off on a volcanic rant about this, however, sports karma will deal with those knuckle heads in its own way.

Sports Illustrated is one of those chiming in that Brady's season is probably over. They also claim Chris Simms is in New England for a medical, which indicates the Patriots are not going to trust Matt Cassell with the keys to the mansion.

Some more suggestions on replacements from the Seattle Times, a couple of them kind of scary;
''They could turn to the recently retired Daunte Culpepper, whose best seasons were as Randy Moss' quarterback in Minnesota, or the 44-year-old Vinny Testaverde, who played for Carolina last season and the Patriots in 2006. Also in the market for a job is Chris Simms, who was released by Tampa Bay on Aug. 30.''
Culpepper? Yikes! Kind of fascinating, but at the same time, yikes!

Great quote from Brett Favre in the NY Daily News;
"It opens the door for everyone, but they are still the team to beat," Favre said. "Randy Moss had 23 touchdowns last year. There's some quarterbacks who didn't come close to that alone with five receivers.''
Imagine this time last year if you had said, in 2008 Favre will play for the Jets against the Patriots and Tom Brady won't be playing. You would have been carted off.

If you want to feel like you actually are Tom Brady's ACL, just go to the Globe, it's like an operating room in there. Where to from here? Lord only knows. Daunte is intriguing. Maybe Cassell will step up and the rest of the team will pull together and hold the fort until Brady makes it back. In the meantime, the Patriots are 1-0, while the Jaguars, Chargers and Colts are all 0-1, and hey, that's something, right?


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