Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top five potentially drool worthy World Series matchups: Number four!

Playoff baseball! Yes!

If you love baseball, and you love playoffs, this is the best time of the year EVER. Playoff baseball! It's just billions of fun, from the frigid air, the batters wearing balaclavas, the colourful bunting and a bouncing, energetic Fenway crowd, playoff baseball, in a word, rocks.

As we move into the most exciting part of the baseball season, one wonders, what is the best possible World Series matchup for 2008? Bear in mind this is a list of the best, most enjoyable and indeed most watchable World Series matchups. Not the most likely to occur by any stretch.

Let's chop it up.

Top five potentially drool worthy World Series matchups: Number four!

Boston v LA Dodgers

Yes, number four, only. The reason this isn't placed higher than four? The top three are absolute diamonds. This potential World Series matchup wouldn't exactly be a damp squid either. It's not just the obvious 'Boston against it's various former disgruntled employees' angle, how about the venerable Joe Torre managing against the Red Sox in the World Series, for the Dodgers!

Who on earth would the average Yankee fan root for? Torre? Disgracefully, at the Yankees closure of their stadium, Joe Torre was completely left out of the celebrations. How do you explain that? The Yankee dynasty of the last century doesn't happen without Joe. To leave him entirely out of the celebrations on the final day of Yankee Stadium? You stay classy, Steinbrenner family.

I can't wait to read this guys biography, just to see what he really thinks of A-Rod!

Having said that I imagine the average Yankee fan still holds Torre close to their heart, so therefore the average Yankee fan will be rooting for, wait, Manny Ramirez? Surely not! Hold on though, with Manny a free agent, and New York desperate to stick it to Boston, you could possibly see Manny in the Bronx in 2009, no? That seals it then. Yankee fans will be rooting for the Dodgers.

On a basic level, this potential series would be must-watch-TV.

Derek Lowe, Nomar Garciappara and Manny Ramirez playing in a World Series against the Boston Red Sox. East coast versus West coast. Torre v Boston. So much to get your teeth into here. Scintillating possibilities. Best part of all this? It might actually happen!

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