Monday, October 06, 2008

Bleary eyed Mondays

Quick mailbag entry to start the week

From regular reader Brian;
''Now, to more important matters. Like what was up with Josh last night?? It was painful watching him. What's even more painful is the lack of sleep induced by staying up until 5.30 AM, approximately when Mike Napoli crossed home plate top of the 12th....I really think Lester needs to do the business tonight, I don't fancy our chances back in Anaheim again.''

Isn't it crazy how one result can change the entire complexion of a series? Last night's game was beyond odd. From the bizzaro three run 'single' that pushed the Halos to the bring early, to Beckett pitching at a pace slower than Jabba The Hutt's 40 yard dash time, its was just an oddball night at the Fens.

The bottom line is, Boston have Lester pitching, in Fenway park, with a relatively healthy lineup going for them tonight. They are also facing a pitching who has not been at the peak of his game lately. Lackey pitched reasonably well against Boston in game one however in his last few starts of the regular season he was lit up like a Christmas tree. Lester has been pitching at a Cy Young standard.

You have to think that Boston, with home field advantage, should seal the deal tonight. Thanks to last nights occurrences however, you just can't be 100% sure, can you?



Brian said...

Even blreaier-eyed Tuesday! Hit the hay bottom of the 8th, I had premonitions of extra innings when the bottom of the Sox line-up was getting ready for the 9th. Looks like I missed out on all the fun. Ah well, we're still alive and ready for the Rays!

Cormac said...

Should be a really exciting ALCS, hopefully the fact Boston has been there before will count for something!!

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Irish National baseball team
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