Friday, October 03, 2008

The first rule of Fight Club

That's the Cubs season over.
Yes, over. Finished. Finito. Done.

Why, because they are in an 0-2 hole against a much better lineup one through nine? Why, because they are being out played, out managed and out pitched? No. Well, yes, all those things, but mostly, because their ace just broke the cardinal rule.

Never, ever throw your team mates under the bus.

It doesn't matter if the left fielder comes in nine steps to watch the ball sail over his head. It doesn't matter if the second base man throws the ball into the crowd. It doesn't matter if the right fielder can't pick up the baseball in the sunlight and runs twenty five feet the wrong way.

Never, ever, ever throw your team mates under the bus.

I can only think of one player who did it, and lived to tell the tale. Peyton Manning. When the Colts were bumped from the playoffs by the eventual Champion Steelers, Manning essentially threw his offensive line under the bus. To Manning's credit, he then spent a couple of years completely redeeming himself and now appears to be a consummate team mate.

Carlos Zambrano? Right now his Cubbies pals, well, his former pals, are thinking to themselves, 'Go take a long walk of a short pier, you selfish clown', or words to that effect.

Stunningly stupid comment from the mouth of a clearly immature, selfish man.

"It's hard when your teammates make things difficult for you,"

It really doesn’t matter even if it actually was the other eight guys and not Carlos. Even in that case, you take the high, positive road and show support for the guys you work with. Nobody wants to hear anyone whinge about how it was everyone else’s fault but yours. Nobody, particularly not your team mates.

''It's all ya'lls fault!''

It would appear a team that many people fancied to win it all is actually a wafer thin group with a ‘leader’ who knows absolutely nothing about how to lead.

Sorry Cubs fans, but hey, what’s another year, right?



Dave said...

And there is the difference between someone like Zambrano running the clubhouse and a guy like 'Tek.

Brian said...

You were right.
Now, to more important matters. Like what was up with Josh last night?? It was painful watching him. What's even more painful is the lack of sleep induced by staying up until 5.30 AM, approximately when Mike Napoli crossed home plate top of the 12th....
I really think Lester needs to do the business tonight, I don't fancy our chances back in Anaheim again.

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