Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The inmates have taken over the asylum: Hackett v Garcia

Check this out. Pretty amazing footage of a game official taking out a quarterback in a college football game last week.

The official clearly gets in position, and levels the startled ball carrier, South Carolina's redshirt freshman quarterback Stephen Garcia.

Making the while incident even more surreal, if that's possible, Joe Person of 'the Columbia State' reports that the Wilbur Hackett Jr., the umpire involved in the play, was a three-year starter at linebacker for Kentucky in the late-1960s.

More on the odd incident from Fox Sports.

Some people are making 'reason' out of this by saying Hackett is clearly trying to defend himself, and simply preparing himself for the hit. When I am defending myself I generally step away from an incident, not INTO same, he had plenty of room to 'escape' to his left, but ploughed right into the QB!

The above picture does not seem to represent a man 'defending' himself from an oncoming collision! On the contrary, it looks like he is either protecting a bet, or perhaps he just didn't like Garcia. Either way, hilarious footage.

Some final thoughts..

  • Did the official in question get partial credit for the sack?
  • Have the Denver Broncos seen this ref play? They could use some help tackling.
  • How much stick is Garcia taking from his team mates about this?

After all is said and done though, maybe Hackett was just auditioning for the next Bud Lite commercial


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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