Friday, October 17, 2008

Late night options.

Let's just get one thing straight. Those in the States complaining about having been up late last night, you folk haven't got anything on Boston fans over this side of the Atlantic. In Ireland we get the international coverage of the playoffs and Rick Sutcliffe reads out emails from Red Sox fans from all over Europe and the World.

Come to think of it, not one email was read out from a Tampa fan, read into that what you will.

Fans from Germany, Turkey, China, the Middle East all emailed in with their own Red Sox story.

Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland, I know that several other Red Sox and indeed baseball (or, gambling, Eric I am looking at you) fans were facing the same options as myself as last nights incredible game moved into the wee, small hours of the morning.

With Boston down 7-0 going into the late innings, mental promises were being made. Personally, I thought to myself, 'if they get either 4/5 runs into the 7th i'll stay up, but only if Tampa don't score again'.

I stood, with remote in hand, waiting to switch the TV off if Big Papi struck out, or popped up or whatever. Suddenly, woosh, the Fenway crowd ignited with Papi's massive blast. By the time Coco Crisp battled through his impressive 10 pitch at bat to slap the sensational game tying single, I was committed fully to the end of the game, no matter what time it would turn out to be. As Masterson dealt with two on, I realised I was actually standing, with beer can in hand, hood of my hooded sweater up, standing in the middle of my living room watching the game almost unable to move (bar lifting said can to my lips) from the tension.

When JD Drew drove the ball to right, to end the night, it was after 5 am in Ireland (6 am in other European locations!).

You know what though, I wouldn't change a thing about it. It's just that time of year.



tom said...

Thank Jesus I'm in Seattle for the World Series. Games start at 5 and end at 10. Amazing night. I've been criticizing the Boston fans for a while now but something just happened when Pedroia ripped that single. Maybe even after 2 WS's Boston still can't get behind the team until they're the underdog. The "Boston Believes" attitude really came out again. I hope it lasts now. No more boos.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
I'm a student visiting dublin for the weekend with a couple of my buddies from boston, you guys know of any bars where we can catch the sox game tonight? We need it.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I knew you'd be watching this game, Cormac, no matter what time of the morning it was. I was in a crowded bar (Professor Thom's) in Greenwich Village, and when Drew got the winning hit, the bar went absolutely insane. Brought back sweet memories of 2004 and last October...

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