Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oh, you bitter little man...

More fall out from the ALDS.

This time, Angels starter/ace and all round class act Jon Lackey, as quoted in the LA Times;
"We lost to a team that was not as good as we are."

Let's rephrase that one for Mr Lackey, shall we. What the cantankerous chump meant to say was;

''Whilst the two teams were quite close in terms of talent in all aspects of the game from bullpen to manager and back, the major difference was that I had my fat ass handed to me on a plate (twice) by a twenty four year old who is going to develop to be fifteen times the pitcher I ever was and ever will be, so therefore, really, when all is said and done, I cost us the series.''

That's actually what he meant, just to clear that up, lest anyone think any less of Lackey.


1 comment:

Brian said...

What a douche bag.
After a 3 day hiatus - we're back in the game tonight! Any thoughts on Dice-K? I know he does better away from home etc but still, he's not your go-to guy when you're staying up until 1.30AM. Anyway, looking forward to some more playoff action, processed snacks and coffee at the ready!

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