Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So, what got you into football?

This is pretty cool. First up, believe it or not there is a thriving American Football league in Ireland, with teams from all over the country. There is an online forum where players from the teams discuss everything from the league here to the NFL and back.

Someone started a really interesting thread this week, entitled 'What got you into American Football?' Bear in mind these are players and coaches that live and play in Ireland. Some of the best responses below. Enjoy.

Alpha (Limerick)
Madden NFL 95 for the sega mega drive that came on the double header with NHL Hockey. That and seeing Barry Sanders clips the same year.

Dave McMahon - the DCU Saints version of Barry Sanders

living in jacksonville for a while the 2nd season the jaguars started playing.
more jags stuff in every shop then you could shake a stick at!

(Vikings fan)
Getting the 1987 NFL Annual from my parents for Christmas- the year LT was MVP and the Giants won the Superbowl!

Went on a family holiday to California and staying at a friends house he cracked out Madden '02(or whatever one Mr. Faulk was on the cover) and that's how it started really...saw the Rams logo, thought it was cool and that was that!! Lame story I know but that's how it all began!

When I was 4, my parents went shopping in NY, and the old "Superbowl Shuffle" was quite the popular tune at the time. My dad had been watching for a while and decided in his infinate wisdom to get me a Chicago Bears tracksuit. I dont support them now but I do remember watching my first game with my dad shortly after that wearing the tracksuit and cheering for the Bears, and was hooked from then on. I think it's because I thought anyone who was named after a household appliance was the coolest thing in the world...

My uncle had a New York Jets jacket which I inherited so that was it really. My first memories was when the Packers won in 96. Then Terrel Davis in the first Superbowl i watched. Channel 4 was the source til Sky took the rights.......

Sea Devils
Was in San Francisco around this time and my Uncle who's a big 49ers fan had tickets to this game. Without really understanding American football and the rules I went along just for the craic and to see why people considered it such a spectacle. Three hours later a 38-14 deficit overcame and unable to speak or hear such was the loudness of the crowd I became not only an American football but a 49er convert for life. Still can't get over hoiw incredible that expereince was

Stayed up to watch Superbowl XXXI just out of curiousity,it was all about Brett Favre, his passing, his graceful movement in the pocket, his tight yellow pants, I was in love........
But seriously, yeah Superbowl XXXI was it, great game
...........and totally not gay

(DCU Saints team-mate)
I used to be bored by it but went to college for a semester in California and started playing full contact with no pads and from there I was fairly hooked. When I came back there wasn't any teams near me that i could get to handily so only started playing when DCU was set up



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