Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking it on the blog.

Season over, Grover.

With 2008 officially over for the Red Stockings, what is left to do other than, naturally, browse around a stack of Red Sox blogs and see what they have to say about the end of the season and related topics.

Where better to start than Curt Schilling's blog. The thing that first jumped out at me was Curt's comments on the Angels starter Jon Lackey saying the best team did not win the ALDS. Very measured, thoughtful response on Curt's part.

El Guapo's ghost sums the ALCS up simply as, Matt Garza 2 Jon Lester 0. Well, that's succinct anyway! He does have a point, however there were some other aspects that added up to the sum total that was Tampa going to the World Series.

The always illuminating and entertaining 'Coffin corner' tips its cap to the Rays, literally;

''So it's over. The Sox battled back hard but came up just a bit short in the ALCS. Hats off to the Rays; you guys earned your shot at the title.''

Did you even know there is a blog out there that basically exists only to comment on all of the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy's articles? Well, there is, and it's called the 'Dan Shaughnessy watch'. What has this to do with anything? Well, naturally Shaughnessy had plenty to say during the ALCS, the 'DS watch' has plenty to say about his 'plenty to say'.

'Behind enemy lines' takes a decidedly positive approach to current matters;

''The Sox battled what is simply a more talented team for 7 games and gave us the greatest single game comeback in an elimination game in history. They have nothing to hang their heads about. The future is still very bright for the Sox. Do they have needs? Yes. Will they fill them? Yes.''

On the whole, if you trawl through a selection of Red Sox related blogs, there is an air of positivity that lingers, probably stemming from a number of reasons

  1. Boston went way further than a certain team from the AL East (not Toronto or Baltimore)
  2. Boston only narrowly lost out in the ALCS
  3. The roster, by and large, looks set for years to come with young players at key spots
  4. The starters look set 1-3 for years, with Beckett, Matsuzaka and Lester
  5. The emergence of Jon Masterson as a setup man for Papelbon was a bonus

Glass half full indeed.

'Fenway Nation' has an 'offseason priority' poll, I voted for 'another big bat in the middle of the order'. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

'Bornintoit' brings us the future, and the future (in the present anyway) is 41-7, New England over Denver.

'Surviving Grady' attacks an interesting angle;

''Somewhere, somehow, there has to be someone who got drunk in Vegas last spring and, for a couple laughs, put money down on Tampa Bay to win the World Series at 200-1 odds. Perhaps it was your crazy old Uncle Hector.''

In my case it is Lorcan and Fitzy, I actually know two people who backed the Rays, or at least I hope they did. They said they were going to. I wrote a piece on the Rays way back when, and at that time Irish bookies had the Rays at 80/1 outsiders. Of course, they haven't won anything yet though, one should probably note.

Speaking of which...who is going to win the World Series? That's a whole 'nother story.


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