Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things to look forward to after the Rays put Boston to the sword

The Celtics tip off soon. Is the New England region that spoilt with Superbowl and World Series runs that the Celtics can actually fly under the radar after their enjoyable NBA finals run last season? The Boston Celtics are the NBA champions. No, seriously, they are!

On a sidenote, I am hoping that Irish viewers will be able to tune into NBA games live on again, as with the finals. If you are in Ireland and like the NBA, check the site out close to the season. We may get lucky (they showed the entire NBA finals live for free for some countries, Ireland included).

La Liga football. The English Premiership is fine. It serves a purpose. My teams, Sunderland, are amongst the bunch of 10-12 clubs that are vying to move into the European qualification places while never threatening the big, boring four. No one is going to be able to come close to Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool. The inevitability of the final four placings is exceedingly boring. La Liga, on the other hand, is a wild, wild land, full of goals, sending offs, crazy refereeing decisions, pitch invasions, late game winning goals and has some of the greatest players in the world on show.

College football. Have to admit my finger isn’t fully on the pulse yet here, is Doug Flutie still playing for Boston College? I am, however, looking forward to the late season games and then the Christmas Bowl season. Absolutely love Christmas college football. My boys Andy, Vegas, Lorcan and Steve will get me up to date in time to make a killing on them, I mean, enjoy them fully. You really need a good group of reliable friends to enjoy the Christmas College Bowl season fully. I recommend it highly.

The NFL. The Patriots are…you know what, scratch this one.

The Premiership Christmas schedule. Yes, I went to great lengths to put forward La Liga as new and exciting, however the run of matches around Christmas in the Premiership is one of the most enjoyable sporting stretches in the year. Teams play 3-4 games in the space of just 10 days, and the results are often crazy. Manchester United won a game 9-0 on Stephens Day once, and I recall at least one 6-5 scoreline in there too. You can always tell which teams were lenient and let their players enjoy the fruits of Christmas dinner a bit too extensively. They are the teams losing 6-1 and 5-0!

The NFL. Alright let’s not ignore this just because the Patriots have morphed into the 1980’s Patriots, which is not a good thing. Some interesting teams building up to good storylines here. The Falcons? Who could have thought they would be at 4-2 after beating the Bears with a last second field goal. Young, talented and feisty, the Falcons are going to be fun to watch down the stretch. Then there is the veteran, ferocious Tennessee defence. Watching them play is an experience in itself. Sure their offence is a little conservative and lacking star-power, however Tennessee playing defence is more enjoyable to watch than at least twenty NFL teams on offence.

I guess there is life after the Red Sox. Who’d a’ thunk it?

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Brian said...

Kaz starting tonight for the "Devil" Rays instead of Shields. Is that a sliver of light I see in the horizon???

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