Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Philadelphia can not beat Boston in a potential WS matchup.

This is why Philadelphia can't beat Boston in the World Series. They could beat Tampa, maybe. They just can't beat Boston. If this man starts one game in Fenway Park, that game is a loss.

See, the above man likes to punch women, and he just happens to a Phillies starter.

Just a class act;
''Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers and his wife were walking back from a bar late Thursday night to their Back Bay hotel when an argument broke out. Authorities and witnesses say Myers then assaulted his wife, leaving her sitting on the sidewalk with a swollen face, crying. She told police her husband hit her in the face twice with his fist, according to the police report. Witnesses said he slapped her and then pulled her off the ground by her hair. Myers, 25, and the Phillies were in Boston for a series with the Red Sox''

Just in case anyone tries to shove this under the carpet and paint it as anything other than what the incident was, how about a trip back down memory lane through the eyes of a witness;
''Courtney Knight, 26, who witnessed the alleged attack at 900 Boylston St. with two friends, said in a telephone interview that Myers seemed ``really angry."``He was dragging her by the hair and slapping her across the face," Knight said. ``She was yelling, `I'm not going to let you do this to me anymore.' "

Cutting to the chase, you think the Fenway crowd is going to let Myers forget the incident?

That's right, didn't think so.



Brian said...

Yeah I recall that one actually...and with the Phillies 2-0 up, its looking like quite a possibility.

Glad to say you were right yesterday - textbook performance from Dice-K after a shaky first. Who would have thunk it, all he needs to do is throw his fastball!

tom said...

Hey, great blog. Long time reader but I had to comment today. WTF happened last night! Did the Rays give Francona some TCP chewing gum? Where do I start?

- Beckett is clearly not ok. Whether it's injury or mechanics or just mentally. I think the first 4 innings (and the game against the Angels) are enough evidence. Did Tito expect "Mr. Soxtober" to magically appear in the fifth? What makes it worse is that Paul Byrd has been great for us and would have been perfect to take the long relief. What's the point in having such great depth if we don't use it. Also, is it just me or does Josh seem to have put on weight since the regular season?

-What is Mike Timlin doing back on the roster. Retire with dignity! Don't be another Keith Foulke. He's hasn't got the velocity or the finesse to be a top pitcher anymore. Add to that constant injury/constant rust. No brainer to me.

- It was good to see Pedroia get his numbers going and typical Pedroia big style! I really hope to see Ortiz and Ellsbury do the same as they are the only players that appear sub-average in the lineup so far (I've accepted Varitek's decline).

- A controversial one. Sean Casey is a better hitter than Kotsay. He's a natural 1st baseman. Why aren't we playing him? Why is he not even being given a chance? Kotsay is faster but don't we save him as a pinch runner then.

-To finish on something positive, I was a little bit worried about Delcarmen and Okajima but they've really stepped it up. Ditto Masterson. Combined with Paps we've got a least 5 innings worth of good releif pitching.

rant over...

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