Wednesday, October 01, 2008

You see, the problem is...

I hate it when people take writers apart piece by piece..

...therefore I am now going to take a writer apart piece by piece. Not really. I am confused though. I like reading a little bit of Jeff Passan of Yahoo sports, and I followed his 'playoff pulse' column all season long.

His latest piece though had one glaring problem that I think is also interesting in light of the problems in recent years with the MVP vote, and indeed other individual player awards such as the Cy Young.

I would be amongst those who believe that if a player has a stunning individual season and his team do not make the playoffs, well, sorry A-Rod, you aren't taking the MVP. The 'Valuable' word has actual meaning!

Reading Jeff Passan it would appear he agrees...
New York Mets: There is no worse reputation than choker and no worse city for a choker to live in than New York. So it will be interesting to see if the grand wall built around David Wright starts to chip. Because though he was so integral for the Mets all season, and he did put up nearly an 1.100 OPS in the season’s final week, his team lost. And individual accomplishments, no matter how grand, can only do so much for a player’s standing. This is Wright’s team
Translation, nice season David, however you are going to be analysed as a choke rather than an MVP type player, which is what you are when you consider your individual statistics.

David Wright - hard at work

However, then I read the following, also by Passan, from the same article.
NL MVP: Albert Pujols, 1B, St. Louis – Though Ryan Howard was his usual dominant self in September, Pujols carried the Cardinals for the year’s first five months. To forget that would be insulting to his and St. Louis’ seasons.

I don't get it.

It's okay for King Albert to smoke the baseball on a team that doesn't make the playoffs and be considered an MVP whilst David Wright puts up superb numbers and is going to have questions asked about him, because his team didn't make the playoffs?

What? Really?

Hey, it's not a whopper of a deal really, more of a curiosity than anything, and it's certainly no George King incident, when the ignoramus denied Pedro his deserved MVP in '99 saying he wouldn't vote for a pitcher, despite having previously done so. Consistency people, consistency! That's all us sports junkies ask for in our writers!


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