Thursday, November 13, 2008


Anyway there’s this guy right, and I have played baseball against the chap for something like a decade, and we have occasionally bought each other a beer and, you know what, I actually have been to his house a few times. He was a participant in my stag party, now that I think of it. Genuinely nice guy, all my friends get on well with him. Here’s the thing, I think he hates my guts.

It has been brewing for years, you know when you just get the ‘vibe’, as they say? Of course there were emails, slanderous emails, and plenty of ‘he said/she said’ Chinese whisper like 'hear-say', and the ‘vibe’, added to everything else, leads me to believe the guy actually kind of dislikes me.

Always disappointing, naturally. In this case I did find myself wondering, why? Whilst occasionally a bit of a clown, I do try to be relatively nice to people, particularly people I consider friends. So, the question remained, why?

Well, as of today, thanks to a calculator, I think I have the answer.

That answer is numeric.
360 - 218

Or, to be it in better context.
New England - 360
New York - 218

See, the lad in question, he's a pretty big Jets fan. Allah be praised, it is all clear to me now. Everything makes sense. I can see clearly now, the rain has gone. I added up the scores from the Patriots v Jets scores since 2001 and I got my answer. Really, no wonder the kid hates me. 360-218! That's severe domination. That's Ali over everybody like domination. That's Manchester United over the Premier League like domination. That's USC over the NCAA the last few years domination.

I'll buy the guy a beer next time I see him, see if I can make up for seven years of the Patriots absolutely dismantling his favourite team.

360 - 218.

New England leads 13-3
Sep 14, 2008NYJ 10, @NWE 19
Dec 16, 2007NYJ 10, NWE 20
Sep 9, 2007NYJ 14, @NWE 38
Jan 7, 2007NYJ 16, NWE 37
Nov 12, 2006NYJ 17, NWE 14
Sep 17, 2006NYJ 17, @NWE 24
Dec 26, 2005NYJ 21, @NWE 31
Dec 4, 2005NYJ 3, NWE 16
Dec 26, 2004NYJ 7, @NWE 23
Oct 24, 2004NYJ 7, NWE 13
Dec 20, 2003NYJ 16, @NWE 21
Sep 21, 2003NYJ 16, NWE 23
Dec 22, 2002NYJ 30, NWE 17
Sep 15, 2002NYJ 7, @NWE 44
Dec 2, 2001NYJ 16, @NWE 17
Sep 23, 2001NYJ 10, NWE 3



john said...

Rooting for the Jets is like trying to sketch the Mona Lisa on soggy toilet paper using a quill pen.

john said...

What I mean is, it's kind of ambitious/sad/fruitless to root for the Jets.

After last night, I think the AFC East is the Fish's division to lose. I've seen the Jets enough to know that they will lose in TN next week and we're going to have a 2 or 3-way tie for first place soon.

And Chad will have a shot to walk out of Giants Stadium as the top QB in the division. As a Jets fan, I'm pulling for him. Favre can't leave soon enough.

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