Monday, November 17, 2008

Equations that don't really add up

So here's an abstract equation for you

28 years old + 253 innings pitched + 300lbs in weight / 140 million over six years

Break that down and you get the following; The New York Yankees are offering a 28 year old who weighs close to 300lbs, and has just finished a season in which he pitched an incredible 253 innings, 140million over six years.

Break it down further, and you get the simple fact they will, in future, be paying a guy in his mid thirties and over 300lb, close to 25 million a year to pitch for them.

Did I mention his outstanding statistics were put together in the DH-less National League, where pitchers go to pad stats?

A few outings against the Red Sox, Rangers, Angels and Blue Jays and suddenly those statistics wouldn't look so good.

I have to admit, I am all about CC, I think he is fun to watch, a true entertainer, and at the end of the day isn't that what organised sporting ventures are all about, entertainment? There is a little tiny bit of Schadenfreude, buried deep down inside, that would love to see the Yankees bury an enormous wad of their cash into a potential, 300lb disaster. The kid just pitched 253 innings, surely that has to have a detrimental effect on his ample body?

Put it this way, say the Yankees do sign him to something like that deal. CC is averaging almost 210 innings pitched per season. By the age of 32, CC will have pitched an incredible 2,500 innings. That's simply an awful amount of miles on the odometer, any which way you look at it. To hammer it home, CC would still have another 50 million left on his guaranteed Yankee contract at that stage.

25 million a year. That's an awful lot of cheeseburgers, isn't it?


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john said...

Watch the Mets drop a ridiculous amount of money on a pitcher who is an even bigger injury risk and only pitches one inning per game.

By the way, the AL is where hitters who can't run or throw go to pad THEIR stats.

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