Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fantasy football question - BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Earnest Graham?

I have a question

Who do I start in my week 11 fantasy football showdown against Dublin Hurricanes team-mate Lorcan Sherlock? BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Earnest Graham? We are getting into the business end of the fantasy season, and I need all the help I am going to get. My 'Tusken Raiders' are like Mike McDermott in 'Rounders', 'hanging around', almost out of it, just about still in it. Big win over 'Vegas' Valky's squad this weekend past, but the Raiders have a tough task ahead against Sherlock's 'Free Barabbas'.

Plenty of you are probably wondering, 'wait, who the heck is BenJarvus Green-Ellis?!'. He is the free agent, undrafted rookie running back the Patriots have turned to with all their other RBs walking around with bits of their bodies hanging off them.

BenJarvus has come on strong of late, and his most recent game has Patriots fans dreaming of a late season playoff push. He looks strong, doesn't put the ball on the turf, breaks the plans pretty much each game, hits the holes hard, doesn't dance and has a great, great football name. Of course, he is a rookie, and 31 other teams didn't give him a call when he was walking around in street clothes earlier in the season.

I like Earnest Graham. I picked him up last season off the waiver wire and he has never let me down. He is not exactly what you would describe as a 'sexy' running back. You almost know what you are going to get every outing. Maybe 60 yards, one TD, a couple of catches, that's about it. In Fantasy Football that's not bad at all.

Ernie - he aint gonna let you down

Here's the potential kicker though.

The weekend matchups. While BenJarvus gets to run at the Jets, Ernie has to run up against the brick wall that is the Vikings front seven. That could be a quiet night for him.

So what's it going to be, the hard running rookie against the Jets, or the tough veteran against the Vikings?


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