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He is so money - part two of five

Everyone has them. Well, every male 18-79 has them. Those athletes that have won them a considerable amount of money, and thus become the object of same male 18-79’s affection. Forever, often. They can change sporting franchise, they can change country, they can change their name, doesn’t matter, the besotted male is going to always have a place for them in their heart. You know the guys we’re talking about here. You know the situation too. You had a stack of cash on a team, but the opposition is battering the goodness gracious out of your team and it is looking grim. Suddenly out of nowhere, your guy steps in, and quite literally single handedly saves the day.

Of course it isn’t always disaster recovery.

Sometimes it is just out and out domination. Maybe your guy dropped 48 on someone in the NBA. Maybe they scored twice in the World Cup Final. Maybe they struck out 17 in Yankees Stadium. Add it all up and the answer is always the same, you benefited financially from said performance, and like an elephant, you will never forget.

Let’s meet my guys.

He is so money - part two of five
Vince Young

College Football has really only recently become available for viewing in Ireland. The NFL has always been covered, but it was hard to follow college football until recently, basically from around the late nineties onwards.

My personal love affair with College Football started in earnest in 2005. For whatever reason the station in Ireland that covers college ball focused on USC and Texas that season, showing the majority of both their games. I fell head over heels for the wildly talented Texas QB Vince Young, a completely full blown man crush.Sensationally gifted athlete, and a guy who always seemed to 'get the job done', clutch, very clutch.

For whatever reason, I found watching Young and his Texans more enjoyable than watching USC. Naturally, they would meet in the Rose Bowl as 2005 turned into 2006. In the run up to the big game everybody seemed to forget two teams were playing;

Before the game, the USC Trojans were being discussed on ESPN and other media outlets as possibly the greatest college football team of all time. Riding a 34 game winning streak, including the previous National Championship, USC featured two Heisman Trophy winners in the backfield, including quarterback Matt Leinart (2004 Heisman winner) and running back Reggie Bush (2005 Heisman winner) who was widely discussed as being possibly the best running back in the history of college football.

Having rooted for Texas and Young all season long I wasn't about to stop, and lumped in on both the +6 handicap being offered and decided to take a tilt at Texas straight up too, I got 5/2 in my local which I was pretty happy with.

What followed was one of the most sensational football games I have ever witnessed. Back and forth it went, until Texas made a crucial stop with just two minutes left in the game. Enter Vince;

In the Rose Bowl, Vince Young put on one of the most dominating individual performances in college football history, accounting for 467 yards of total offense (200 rushing, 267 passing) and three rushing touchdowns (including a 9 yard TD scramble with 19 seconds left) to lead the Longhorns to a thrilling 41-38 victory.

The above last sentence really doesn't give the dramatic touchdown its full due. Young quite literally put Texas on his back and pushed them to victory, over what people saw as a vastly superior rival.

The nine yard scramble to push Texas ahead was simply breathtaking, to anyone who saw it live. Look, anything that makes you jump up and down at around 5 am in Dublin has to be pretty breathtaking.

And yet now Vince is seemingly troubled. Reports are indicating all manner of issues. Well, all Young's family need to do is get me over there. I would sit down with the young man, show him a tape of the Rose Bowl, and say, simply, 'Dude, you are so money, and you don't even know it.'

Problem solved.

He is so money.


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