Manny finishes fourth in NL MVP voting: Apocalypse nears.

If you needed any clearer indication that the Apocalypse was imminent, look no further than the NL MVP award announced today.

Albert Pujols took the award, which will be fine with everyone bar Ryan Howard and his crew, however the real story was who finished fourth in the voting;

''Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramírez, acquired from the Red Sox at the trading deadline July 31, finished fourth.''

The question here is, does this mean a player who took part in only 53 of his teams games is more worthy than the majority of players who slogged through 162 games for theirs? Foolish NL voters apparently seem to think so.

How did Manny dupe so many voters into giving such a high level finish? There are so many worthy NL players who hit more than 17 home runs or batted in more than Manny's 50, so it can't be statistical, right?

How about the fact that Manny seemed to galvanise the Dodgers into a playoff push that seemed, at best, 50/50 before his arrival?

That doesn't work either, as the guy who won the award Pujols, didn't even make the playoffs with his squad.

The worst part of all this is you can imagine the evil Scott Boras (yes, pure evil) being almost sexually aroused when he found out that Manny had snuck into fourth in the NL MVP voting, as this will allow him to pry even more dollars out of Manny's next deal, whoever is stupid enough to deal for the clown. Sexually aroused? That's a bit erroneous I guess, due to the fact that Satan doesn't have sexual organs. We will leave it 'delighted' so. Boras we 'delighted' when he heard the news.

For your average baseball fan, any time 'Boras' and 'delighted' are in the same sentence is not a good time.

''Manny finished fourth in the NL MVP voting? KACHING!''



Brian said…
He even LOOKS evil
Deadrat said…
Boras is a real devil alright, his tactics are completely out of bounds, mark my words, someday something big will come out about him..
Anonymous said…
How many Red Sox does Boras represent now? Seriously - I don't remember. Gotta be at least 5 or 6 right?
Cormac said…
john said…
wow. that's surprising. they've really cleaned house. good for them.