Tonight Arsenal face Dynamo Kiev in a crucial Champions League clash

The Racing Post continues to be stupid.

Yet another reason the Racing post, while useful for statistics, should be laughed at for it's sporting selections. Tonight Arsenal face Dynamo Kiev in a crucial Champions League clash, in London.

The Racing Post, in it's infinite wisdom, is suggesting punters throw their hard earned money at the Russians, in what would seem to be at best 'curious' advice, at worst, kind of suspicious.

Their sole piece of actual evidence? There appears to be large amounts of cash being reported by the bookmakers going on the Russians.

Just because a bunch of Tottenham, Man Utd and Liverpool fans are lumping in against Arsenal doesn't mean the average user should join in on that action! Not to mention the Eastern European factor. There are millions of Euros flooding the Irish/English betting markets from Russia and other Eastern European areas. Does this mean that because some Russian oil billionaire puts a stupid 'heart' bet on Dynamo at 9/1 to beat Arsenal IN London, the general betting populace should do same?

That's superb analysis, Racing Post, please keep up the sterling work.

The Post also refers to Arsenal's 'recent implosion' - did that implosion include the 2-1 win over Manchester United? Or is that simply forgotten now?

Consider the simple facts. Dynamo are in this tournament after scraping by Ireland's feisty, gutsy yet semi-professional club, Drogheda. The 'Drogs' came very close to knocking them out. Arsenal are one of the finest clubs in Europe, or the World, and are at home, playing for the place at the top of their Champions League group.

There is only one logical way to look at tonight, Arsenal 2-0 or maybe 3-1, something along those lines.

Also, the newly appointed captain Cesc Fabregas to score the first goal looks a bit tasty too.

Come along!



Brian said…
1 0, you got the team right anyway! So are we boybotting the Racing Post from now on then??