Turkey picks part 2 and 3

Turkey picks Seattle @ Dallas

So let's see, we have the leagues 31st-ranked pass defense up against one of the most dynamic passing attacks in the NFL. Goodness gracious. At 2-9 Seattle really have absolutely nothing to play for, whilst Dallas are poised at 7-4 to make a push into the playoffs. The urgency Dallas has should propel them into an early lead at which stage they can sit back and pick off Seattle's rusty QB Hasselbeck at will.

This looks distinctly like..
Prediction: Take Dallas -12 as the score is going to be something like 35-17 (Dallas -12 safer than the over as Seattle may struggle to score once they go behind)

Turkey picks Arizona @ Philadelphia

With the way the Eagles are playing, with Westbrook's banged up knees and with the fact McNabb appears to be playing stoned, the +3 Arizona are getting looks tasty. Don't even think about falling for this though, it is an old fashioned trap.

Part of it comes down to wants and needs. Arizona want this game, sure, but they don't need it in the broader sense. The Eagles absolutely desperately need this game. Add to that the fact Arizona are travelling a long way to play, and are doing so on a short week also. Sure, the Eagles are on the same short week but don't have a cross-country trip to deal with like the Cards.

An Eagles loss would be quite literally the end of an era in Philadelphia, with whole sale changes probably resulting from what would be basically a season ending loss.

Arizona are so-so on the road at 3-3 whilst the Eagles are definitely better at home than their travelling version.

It all comes back to that cross country journey the Cards have to take.

''Teams that have taken cross-country flights for games on the East Coast -- including to Pittsburgh and Buffalo -- are 0-14 this year. The long trip makes it an even shorter week for the Cardinals, who have lost nine consecutive games on the East Coast since winning at Miami on Nov. 7, 2004.''

0-14, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Two predictions here:

Prediction one: Philadelphia -3. It's the logical thing to do. Arizona aren't likely to challenge that 0-14 for West Coast teams on the East Coast swing, particularly when added to the Eagles desperation.

Prediction two: The over has been at 47.5 or less in six games for the Cards this season, and has been beaten 'over' on five occasions. The over is 47.5 tonight, and should be taken on.