Big CC and the case of the 140 Million dollars and the ‘all you can eat’ cheeseburgers

And so the Yankees and GM Brian Cashman have got their man, as ESPN reports that the Bronx Bombers have landed CC Sabathia with a whopping contract, nothing like a few hundred million dollars to talk a reluctant man into living in New York. Big CC will be paid about 150 billion dollars a second, and he will need every penny of it to survive in the new Yankee Stadium, where a 2%, pig-swill-like Coors lite will cost $15 while a pretzel will set you back $9. Goodness only knows how much of his pay check his daily cheeseburger intake is going to take up.

Perhaps a large part of CC’s decision to finally give in to the Yankee dollars was those famed Yankee pinstripes. They do say they are slimming.

Naturally, all those angry, ranting Yankee fans who were going off en masse yesterday about how Sabathia was insulting the Yankees by making them wait, saying how he doesn’t deserve to wear the (slimming) pinstripes, naturally they all feel the exact same today, right?