Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dad's Army, Yankee style.

'Dad's Army' was likable British comedy that centered around the antics of a group of British 'Home Guard' Soldiers during the second world war. The Home Guard was made of mainly of men too old to actually go abroad to fight.

Now that we have got that clear, and are on the subject of, well, age, how about we have a little peek at the probably starting lineup of the 2010 New York Yankees.

  • LF Johnny Damon - 37
  • SS Derek Jeter - 36
  • 1B Mark Teixeira - 30
  • 3B Alex Rodriguez - 35
  • DH Hideki Matsui - 36
  • RF Xavier Nady - 32
  • C Jorge Posada - 39
  • 2B Robinson Cano -28
  • CF Melky Cabrera - 26

The most expensive and oldest lineup in Major League Baseball, for years to come! Quick question for any Yankee fan who stumbled across this, when Matsui falls apart, when Posada simply keels over and dies, when Jeter is an even worse defensive players and when Johnny Damon can't beat Vince Wilfork in a foot race, who are you going to replace those guys with? Players from the farm? There is no talent on the farm!! Free agent signings? Your money is all tied up for years in a morbidly obese pitcher and other high priced free agents!!

But seriously, enjoy that decrepit, ancient lineup in the next couple of years, Yankee fans. Enjoy.


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tom said...

I think the Yanks are just trying to make a stab at buying the World Series, even if only for one year. To be completely honest, at present, that Yankee lineup is as good/better than the Red Sox one but the Sox are in much better position to challenge on a yearly basis rather than based on big one off cash injection. I know which situation I'd rather be in.

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