NHL - the final frontier

Okay, colour me interested.

That's three full NHL games I have watched in this young 2008 season 9and about 5-6 partials). I am now officially interested. Sign me up. I am in. Having avoided it for the best part of thirty years, finally succumbing to the NHL is kind of like getting a new CD. It's fun. It's interesting, you don't know the words of the songs - or the rules of the game, properly yet anyway - but its new and interesting.

Zdeno Chára - he's bigger than you (and he can skate)

The Bruins (come on, was it ever going to be anyone else?!) seem like a fun team to watch. I gather they have the best goalkeeping situation in the NHL, a great defence and a pretty free scoring front line? That sound right?

Now, there's plenty I don't get as yet, however I am looking forward to finding out. Icing, I kind of understand, sort of, but there appears to be times they don't call it? What's that all about? The whole fighting thing, come on, it's pretty lame. Maybe it's taboo to say that, however as a total blow in, bandwagon, newbie type fan, there aren't really any repercussions to saying this; the fighting in the NHL looks pretty pathetic. It kind of looks like two guys who have been jawing all night in a bar finally decided to have a pop at each other however they are too inebriated to actually do anything and basically just grab and jostle each other until one of them keels over.

Something else I don't get, how on earth do those guys maintain their balance?! Skating is not something that comes naturally to your author, in fact certain people in his life would buy tickets to watch him skate, just to laugh as he falls on his big fat white posterior over and over, and repeat. Have to say, it's pretty impressive, does anyone ever even talk about that in NHL circles, or is it just a given?

The Bruins seem like a genuinely fun bunch to watch. Is it embarrassing to be such an up-front bandwagon fan? Not at all. I look forward to abuse from established fans. Isn't it funny how people get possessive about their teams? As a Red Sox fan, I never had a problem with people hopping on the merry Sox bandwagon after 2004, not at all, there's plenty of Boston to go round, I can never understand the snobbery of some old-school fans who rant and rave with great anger and yet also futility as millions of Sox fans signed up. So what? How does that hurt, having people hop joyfully on the bandwagon, or Duck Tour boat, whatever.

This is of course an entirely coincidentally suitable stance to take now that I am admitting to being a bandwagon Bruins fan, of the dirtiest, most bandwagon-ish sort. I can only name about four of the players (Chara and Thomas are my initial favourites) and I don't even posses a jersey as yet. Don't worry, I'm working on that.

Feeling you Jessica, feelin you..nobody understands us bandwagon types!!

Naturally, much of this comes back to gambling. Anybody else have the Bruins at 40/1 to win the Stanley Cup? How about 20/1 to win their conference? Those were the odds on offer less than two weeks ago. The funny thing is, you can still get them at 10/1, they are freely available at that price in many bookies. Pretty appetising considering they appear to be one of the best teams in the NHL right now.

So there we go, lets go Bruins, and all that lark. Hey, if you are an established Bruins fan reading this and getting really angry at yet another bandwagon arrival, look on the bright side. If the Bruins start losing, you know exactly where to look for the cause of the problem. All those damn, blow in, bandwagon fans!

The Bruins bandwagon starts to struggle under the weight of the new fans..



Brian said…
I love the totally superfluous Jessica Simpson pic!
Cormac said…
I am assuming Tony R just did something silly judging by the pout!