So, how was your Christmas?

Better than Tony Romo's?

Goodness gracious, how dysfunctional are those Cowboys?

'' Romo, who sources say suffered a rib injury in the second half against Philadelphia, collapsed in the shower after the game. ''

Perhaps he collapsed under the weight of his own awesomeness, as suggested by his comments post game where he happily threw his coaching staff under the bus! '

'Scheme is a major part of it that the normal fan or writer doesn't understand," Romo said after the game in Philadelphia. "If you're put in a really good situation, it really allows your team to be successful a lot. That's why I think some games, it's easy to say, 'Well, he didn't play good.' A lot of it is scheme."

Oh and don't you worry, the malignant cancer that is T.O. weighed in too, far be it from him to accept any of the blame;

"I just feel with the weapons on this team, we just need more opportunities. There needs to be some changes in regard to getting some guys involved, putting guys in position to win. It all starts with the guys calling the plays."

What a circus act. Now, on to the real games...