Friday, January 02, 2009

Teams that are NOT going to win the Superbowl: Team number 12 - The Arizona Cardinals.

So here we go. The Detroit Lions and everyone else watching from the outside as the remaining teams battle it out for the Superbowl. Of course some might have more chance than others. Some, although they are indeed in the playoffs, still have the same chance as those Lions of Detroit.

Where do you start with the Arizona Cardinals? One word really, BONG! Well, a few words would describe them better, like 'Matt Leinart Bong party!' - this is because nothing describes the Arizona Cardinals better than their Heisman winning, party going, Bong toting backup quarterback, Matt Leinart. He parties harder than Tara Reid on speed. The Cardinals should be taken about as seriously as their young backup, which is, not very.

Aint no party like a Matt Leinart party

It's funny how there is often an aspect to a game that really doesn't get talked about much and yet is going to have a huge impact on same, in the case of the Falcons @ Cardinals, it's the run game. The Falcons will run, run, run right over the Matt Leinart party posse. Arizona can't stop the run, and Tuner and Norwood of the Falcons can't stop running.

The bludgeoning the Cards line is about to receive should probably be like Matt Leinart's picassa collection, censored! Once the Cards are softened up, Matt Ryan will play-action them to death. A balanced, strong, young and talented footballing side against, well, the Arizona Cardinals.

Got Leinart?

If you have even a faint hope that the Cards are a playoff team, if you think 'Well they can sling the ball round a lil and they are at home', just remind yourself of the absolute thumping they took in New England a couple of weeks ago. If that doesn't do it for you, then just refer to the below picture. That's their backup QB, I am not even slightly kidding. The Arizona Cardinals, NOT winning the '09 Superbowl, you can take that to the bank.

Leinart - hardest working backup QB in the biz


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