This could end up as an old school tonking..

In the Irish and British sporting press they like to come up with quirky, unusual words to describe sporting events or sporting news. A personal favourite is the word 'tonking'. This 'word' basically means a slaughter, as in 'Chelsea handed Bolton a real tonking, beating them 5-0'.

Well, the Oakland Raiders could be in for a serious tonking this weekend against New England, if their preparation for the game is anything to go by. According to the 'Thoughts from the Dark Side' Raiders site, Oakland aren't even bothering to prepare for this showdown. The Patriots AFC East rivals have to be delighted with this news.

This news may come as a shock to many, who did not know that the Raiders even held practice.

This strategy does not appear to have worked for the Detroit Lions all season long however this does not seem to deter Oakland. Maybe the Raiders could just not show up at all. The official rule for this would give New England a 2-0 win, or, a win by a safety. How on earth did those NFL office types come up with that? Either way, this tactic could be Oakland's best bet in terms of covering the spread.

Of course some Raiders fans or observers would joke further that, after fifteen weeks off, what's another four day vacation?

For those of you interested, the current line (in Ireland anyway) on this game is New England minus seven. You would have to imagine this is going to end up at minus ten by Sunday. Make a mental note of this story for when you see the game or the score from same. We find out then, is practice even necessary in the NFL?! A shock Oakland win would seem to indicate this!