Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas search high jinx - ammonia sniffing? Really?

So, looks like there might have been a lot of sacks of coal being dropped down chimneys by the big fat guy in the red hat this Christmas, if the number of searches on ammonia sniffing that end up on this site are anything to go by.

In the last two weeks there were 27 searches that used the keyword 'ammonia' in some shape or form and ended up on 'Boston Irish', probably due to this old eulogistic posting on ammonia sniffing in the NFL.

What is really screwed up and, well, funky, is that all of the searches came from 27 different IP addresses, meaning basically there were 27 people in the space of two weeks trying to find out more about sniffing ammonia. Sweet baby Jesus, what's going on out there?!

Here are some of the searches that were entered:

  • Ammonia sniffing
  • ammonia sniffing
  • weight lifting and ammonia
  • sniffing ammonia
  • ammunnia sniffing
  • sniffing ammonia NFL Randy Moss

Some questions. Ammunnia sniffing? Really? It should be a requisite that you would need to be able to spell ammonia before you use it, actually, you should be able to spell ammonia before you use the Internet, period. The search that singled out Randy Moss, why? Is it important to know how Randy Moss sniffed ammonia (allegedly, of course) on an NFL sideline as opposed to any other player?

I tell ya', I just don't know anymore!


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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