Saturday, January 24, 2009

A little Lionel Messi on a Saturday night

Another Saturday night, another masterful showing from the little Argentinian genius Lionel Messi, as Barcelona dismissed Numancia 4-1, a scoreline which does not reflect Barce's superior quality on the night. 15-1 might have been more accurate. Messi was at the heart of absolutely everything, the poor Numancia defenders may as well have been chasing ghosts.

For my money, Messi is the stone cold obvious greatest soccer player on the planet right now. Ronaldo? Give me a break. That sulking, selfish brat couldn't hold a candle to the majestic Messi at the moment. Try La Liga some time, the Spanish premiere division is wildly exciting, fast, flowing and skillfull football, head and shoulders above the quality on show in the English Premiership. There isn't one team in England that can entertain like Barcelona are doing right now, and Messi is at the heart of everything they do.

He is an absolute joy to watch, spinning out of trouble, drifting fast clueless defenders as if they weren't even there.

Tonight's 4-1 win meant that punters were happy too, having lumped in on the minus 2 at 13/10. Punters from Dublin to Krakow to Riga filled their boots, like these happy gentlemen below.

It all starts with Messi though, and if anyone tries to tell you any other player is the best in the world at the moment, just slap them upside the head and insist they watch this clip.


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John said...

Messi continues to steer Barca another step towards Barca's La Liga glory. There is no denying if he keeps up this kind of momentum, he should awarded as the Best Player of the Year award.

Messi does things that not even Ronaldo is capable off on his best. He wins the heart and soul not just both Barca and Argentina supporter but even the opposition. 2009 is the year of the Lionel.

Check out review on the Barca's game against Numancia. Drop a comment on your view of the game, both Messi's and Barca performance?

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