Monday, January 26, 2009

Looking for someone to blame for the Varitek fiasco?

Look no further than the obvious choice, Scott Boras. If you read the bare bones on the story, it is pretty clear that Scott Boras has two groups to apologise to, for how he has handled Jason Varitek's attempts to find meaningful catching work in 2009.

First he needs to say sorry to Jason himself, and he then needs to say sorry to those Red Sox fans that have enjoyed watching Varitek work over the last several years.

Make no mistake, it is Boras's completely botched negotiations that have, perhaps irreparably, screwed the Varitek situation up.

The simple fact is Varitek could have accepted a one year deal and arbitration from the Red Sox, and he would have taken in anywhere between $10 and $11 million dollars. A one year deal for ten million for a mid thirties catcher, surely that's perfect, right? No Sir, Boras cajoled his client into saying no to the Sox and trying to get a longer deal for more money on the open market. Slight problem, the market for ageing catchers is down, way down, so much so that as we speak baseball guru Peter Gammons is saying there is zero market for Varitek. Nothing, nada, zip.

''Now, I'm not sure anybody is going to sign him. One player said to me, 'Well, the Marlins might sign Varitek for $5 million.' No, they won't . . . they Marlins aren't giving up a first-round draft pick for Jason Varitek. Can't happen. I don't know what's going to happen''

In this day and age it is refreshing to see a respected, informed journalist call someone out for what they are, which in Boras's case, is a greedy idiot;

''It's too bad. How Scott Boras looked him in the eye and said, 'By the way, I turned down $10 million [in arbitration],' is beyond me. He turned down arbitration -- he would have made a minimum of $10 million, maybe $11 million.''

You would have to imagine that Varitek pursuing the open market was of greater financial benefit to Boras, same as how Manny cheating his way out of his Boston contract suited Boras better.

What we are witnessing is one greedy, disgusting individual using players as pawns to further his own financial gains. Who comes out worst? It's a little hard to feel sorry for millionaire players, so basically the teams, and their loyal fans, end up as the ones who should feel hard done by.

If you are any way on the fence about Boras, give yourself an education in just how twisted and depraved his style of 'work is, by reading this superb, insightful article on the man and his corporation in the New Yorker. This particular quote stood out, it displays the simple arrogance of the man perfectly;
''At one point while I was in his office, Boras took a phone call, and explained afterward, “The draft is looming.” I asked if he planned to travel to Orlando, where the draft was being held. He smiled. “I think the draft is here,” he said. “It’s not in Orlando. We’re in the room”—he pointed up, toward the war room—“and we’re telling teams who they can draft, who they can’t. That’s basically how the thing goes.”

If you enjoyed the Jason Varitek era, and will be sad to see him go, why not drop Boras a line to let him know how you feel about him? He is the single reason we probably won't be watching Varitek behind the plate at Fenway Park in 2009.

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The web site for Satan (aka Boras) has been coming up "does not exist." I guess it's only appropriate.

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