Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, apparently it is big news now to be seen on a beach. You may have heard that a certain Patriots QB was photographed, well, relaxing on a beach, this weekend in Mexico with his supermodel main-squeeze.

No big deal there, right?

Oh, very wrong, oh so very, very wrong. The 'story' has gripped the Boston media, amongst other sporting reporting online entities. Shockingly, the main slant appears to be that, somehow, Brady has 'let the side down' by 'allowing' himself to be photographed living it up in Mexico.

Say what?

Yes, seriously, that's how one of the most senior members of the Boston Globe is putting it, anyway.

''But he's a football player, damn it. And it is not OK for him to be photographed like a little boy eating mushy food spooned out of a Gerber jar.''

Wait a second, before the inmates completely take over the asylum, did Brady ask to be followed around and photographed? I don't think so. Did he ask for the Boston (and others) media to print private photographs of him and his girlfriend enjoying what was supposed to be a relaxing break? Again, one would assume not.

Of course, it is an easy target, no doubt. It is there, open for ridicule, speculation and sensationalising. It is there ready to use for any lazy, boring, old journalist, who claims to hate the influx of 'fan boy bloggers' and new wave media, and yet is starting to make his living by commenting on the content of same.

Surely, surely a vaunted publication like the Boston Globe can't have stooped this low? Journalists complaining about an athlete 'allowing' himself to be photographed by other members of the media, who probably took the pictures under cover? This is how pathetic and salacious media coverage is getting?

I know we are in that dreaded vacuum, that boring lull before the Superbowl, but this is the best the Boston Globe could come up with? Can you say, New York Post?

If there is any justice in the world, someone will follow said, senior, Boston Globe journalist on his next family vacation, and take snaps as he wobbles into the warm water of whatever resort he is at, so we can all poke fun at him in a private moment.

Look! An ageing journalist taking a swim! Har de har har


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