Monday, January 19, 2009

Save me, Jeebus..

It is one thing that, in their game against the Falcons, the Cards were allowed repeatedly jump offside without a flag from the officiating crew. Quite another that last night in the NFC Championship game Philadelphia’s Kevin Curtis was tripped, preventing him from making a crucial first down catch, with no pass interference flag thrown by the gutless, spineless official who was just a couple of feet away and staring right at the incident. It was stone cold pass interference, and even the bland commentating crew were bemused – ‘Looked like clear pass interference to me’. Instead the cowardly official kept his flag in his pocket and is now the toast of Arizona, while the rest of the NFL wonders what might have been.

Instead of a cracking encounter between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, we are left with what is probably going to be a Superbowl that is over by half time. You can take this to the bank; Pittsburgh will absolutely destroy the worst team to ever make the Superbowl. The Cards won the worst division in the NFL, the Steelers qualified from a tough division even facing the toughest regular season schedule in living memory.

Pittsburgh beat up New England pretty bad. The Patriots absolutely embarrassed Arizona. Where is that going to lead? We shall see in two weeks.

Arizona v Pittsburgh.

It’s a matchup games consoles won’t even accept. In a fit of rage after watching ‘Zona continue to cheat their way into the greatest sporting event of the year I slotted in Madden ’09 and tried to set up a Superbowl matchup of the Steelers v ‘Zona, just so I could pummel the Cheatin’ Cards 72-0 with the Steelers, the Cards helpless without input from the Zebras. The Playstation simply popped up a message ‘You have to be kidding – pick another opponent!

Seriously though, how on earth are we supposed to root for these referee assisted Cards? Their running back openly wants out, he spent the entire season and the early section of the playoffs demanding a trade in the off-season, openly wanting out of Arizona, because he isn’t getting enough ‘touches’. Now we are supposed to root for him in the Superbowl? This spoilt, selfish and ungrateful millionaire cry-baby? In his post game interview last night. Edgerrin James actually had the disgusting gall to say, the reason the Cards were going to the Superbowl was they finally ‘released the dog’. Nothing wrong with his ego so.

As for the quarterback.

Unless you really, particularly, want to have Kurt Warner arrogantly ramming his religion down your throat in his post game interviews, you should really be hoping the Steelers win the Superbowl, if only to avoid that scenario.

Hopefully Sports Karma will intervene and stop the Cards from doing any damage. Hopefully their own arrogance will eat them alive. Anybody else notice they started playing ‘We are the Champions’ over the PA system after the game? Maybe it was a simple mistake and they forgot there is actually one more game to play.

Finally, it should be noted, we are about to witness Matt Leinart at the Super Bowl, party central, in the biggest strip club city in the country. What are the odds that the bong master himself gets into a little trouble? Oh wait, he has the Lords messenger there to look after him. How about that deliciously awkward hug between the young, party animal QB, and the ‘holier than thou’, God-Squad veteran near the end of the game? ‘Matty bong-bong’ was smiling, His Holiness the Warner was not.

So, anyway, when do pitchers and catcher report?

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