Monday, January 19, 2009

That's not a hit, THAT'S a hit...

For those uneducated few who still say Rugby is tougher than American Football, I give you , Ryan Clark meets Willis McGahee.

Still not convinced? Well then, try the video...

McGahee spent the night in a Pittsburgh hospital and word this morning is that he is "neurologically intact," so at least he has more going for him than Joe Buck.

The hit does look a little 'helmet to helmet' which is, by definition, illegal in the NFL. So you have to ask, has any team in NFL history been dirtier than this year's Steelers? They have spent the season laying receivers out (somewhere Wes Welker is nodding quietly) and breaking out very dubious crack-back blocks on players all over the league.

It would almost make you root for the Cards, if Kurt Warner wasn't such an insufferable goon.



emmet said...

As a Steelers fan I'm obviously biased but this team isn't dirty, it's just seriously tough.

Bottom Line Rob said...


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I've had Boston Irish linked since my days at Blogger and have added the site to my new links page.

Thanks! and keep up the good work!


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Irish National baseball team
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