Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Vincent Jackson - not very bright

First former NBA star Antoine Walker, now current NFL star, San Diego Charger Vincent Jackson gets caught on a DUI. Do these guys now watch television? Those gaudy, anti DUI advertisements were on all festive season, how could you miss those things?

NBA, NFL, who's next? NHL? Aren't you allowed, nay, encouraged to drink/drive in Canada though? More likely MLB so, and would you be shocked to see a headline tomorrow;

'Roger Clemens in trouble again after DUI arrest'

Admit, you would barely raise an eyebrow!

Back to Vinnie Vince Vince, I wonder..

  • Did a tidal wave of booze pour out of his car when he opened the door?
  • Did the Cop know who he was?
  • Will he play this weekend?
  • How excited is Norv Turner about this development?
  • How retarded is Vincent Jackson, seriously, you are playing in the NFL playoffs this weekend!!

Vincent Jackson's next squeeze? They seem to have a lot in common


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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