Thursday, February 05, 2009

The beautiful game: Tonight - Barcelona v Majorca

A little hidden treat, a hidden nugget of unexpected Soccer action tonight from the Spanish Copa Del Rey, as Barcelona entertain Majorca in the first leg of the cup's semi finals.

Barcelona, sitting top of La Liga, are facing the side glued to the bottom of that same league. Judging by the Eurosport preview of the game, it appears Barcelona will unleash their big guns tonight, probably hoping to end the tie early so they can maybe rest their superstars in the return leg at Majorca.

If there is an early goal, the floodgates might open.

Meanwhile, check out the comments attached to the preview. Who said Europeans arent funny?

''barca will win 5-1 and messi, bojan and eto and henry­ will scored mallorca is a very very weak team for­ barca. i wish that win barca''

Fair enough I suppose, 5-1, not 6/1 so, no? I wish too that win Barca! Win, Barca, win! Brilliant, this wasn't just any old European writing this, it was a drunken European! Brother, put the bottle of cheap French wine down!

meanwhile, apparently this fella has actually already seen the match;

''the match will partially terrible but i now that barca­ will give them 5-0 in first half,but in second half is­ 1-1 making 6-1
people will score,
Eto`o will score 2­ goals
Messi will score 2 gaols
Henry will score 1­ goal
bojan will score 1 goal''

what, no minutes on the goals? How accurate is that?

This guy does have a point, there is such a thing as a draw in football

''Barca is not gonna win this game. Not every team will­ win every game. I hope Mallorca upset Barca this time.­ I've got a feeling. Mallorca will beat very in form­ Barca''

This chap didn't even bother trying to make sense;

''bojan score 8 bijik gol malam ni..kte tgk r­ sme2....huhu''

..and who's the best? You are the best(est)!

''barcelona is very good team !!!!! barcleona is­ goodest team !!!''


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