Foul! Surely?

This was a curious incident in the big Liverpool v Chelsea show down on Sunday. With Liverpool running out the clock, Jose Bosingwa basically assaulted Liverpool's Benayoun by the corner flag. Amazingly the assistant referee (or, linesman) admits he saw the incident but, presumably, saw nothing wrong with it.

I assume all EPL teams will now resort to this tactic when opposition teams try to run the clock out at the corner flag?

Chelsea totally got what they deserved for their horrific style of play on the day. Has such an expensively assembled football team ever been this negative and boring?



Brian said…
I couldn't believe this myself. Although over the course of the game it evened out, consider Fat Frankie didn't deserve to be carded (at all) for his challenge. And I also have Bosingwa in my Fantasy Team, so it all came up Milhouse!