The Greatest Moment in Dublin Hurricanes history; number four; Gordon Ireland's 2002 Triple Crown season

The Dublin Hurricanes are one of Ireland's funkiest, oldest, sexiest, hottest, craziest, fun-lovingest and most successful baseball clubs. They have won every award going in Irish baseball, they are the only Irish club side to have traveled several times to European Club competitions and their players have scooped many of the individual awards available to players in the Irish baseball league. In short, it has been a good twelve year run. The team’s core has largely remained the same, which makes the accomplishments and memories all the sweeter to those involved.

Cutting straight to the chase, over the next few days we will be revealing the Top Ten Dublin Hurricanes Baseball Club moments of all time (all time being 1997 – 2008). Hopefully you will join us for the ride, and while we look back at the memories, you the reader will get a good sense of what it means to play baseball for an Irish baseball club.

Straight to the list. Number four.

The Greatest Moment in Dublin Hurricanes history; number four; Gordon Ireland's 2002 Triple Crown season

One of those 'moments' that lasted a whole season long. In 2002, Gordon Ireland simply owned Irish league pitching. Check out these slow pitch softball like statistics, that the big man put together in '02.

______________AB R H RBI 2B 3B HR BB HBP SO SB CS BA SLG OBP
Gordon Ireland - .43 24 23 26 3 2 2 11 3 5 12 1 .535 .837 .649

Some of the highlights of this amazing line, that may never be repeated in the Irish league. First off, Gordy took the 'Triple Crown', leading the league in batting average, RBIs and home runs, and yet still did not win the MVP. Back to that later. His batting average of .535, over the course of the entire season, probably will never be matched (not with that many at bats anyway). His 26 RBIs drove the Hurricanes offensively, and Gordy even managed to chip in 12 stolen bases, only being caught once. Gordy himself would admit he isn't the fastest kid on the block, so the 12 stolen bases are a testament to his understanding of in game situations.

Gordy pictured at Fenway park with the Irish national baseball team in 2001

Gordy had one of the greatest seasons in baseball Ireland history and sadly was not rewarded with the League MVP. That season, the awards were voted for by two people only. Quite literally two people sat down and wrote out the awards, as they saw them. The two people were from the same team, and a player on that team took the League MVP trophy, even though that persons statistics paled in comparison to Gordy's terrific season.

Thankfully that can't really happen anymore, as now the vote for league awards goes to the Captains of each team, meaning a more balanced conclusion is reached, rather than two guys voting for people on their team to scoop everything. Of course, we no longer keep statistics in Irish league baseball, however that's a story for another day.

Thankfully we did keep stats back in 2002, and because of this Gordy's sensational season will never be forgotten.

The Greatest Moment in Dublin Hurricanes history

4. Gordon Ireland's 2002 Triple Crown season
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