Monday, February 16, 2009

People going crazy, all over the world

What is going on? What the story? Everyone is just going a little nutty right now. Why is everyone so highly strung? Is it a particular moon cycle? Is it the dastardly global recession, the abhorrent credit crunch? Maybe. Perhaps people just need to slow down, smell the roses a little, get a hug from their B.F.F and count themselves as lucky as they are.

Two people who really, really need a good squeeze from someone warm and cuddly are Christian Bale and Michael Cera.

First up, Batman himself. You have probably heard reference to this insane, on-set melt down where British born actor Christian Bale rips shreds out of a poor lighting man during shooting of the new Terminator. He kind of has a point, but wow, proportionate response much?

Oh, by the by, all the below clips have a little cussin, splutterin and more cussin, so if that aint ya thang, maybe go here instead. Otherwise, carry on!

Now, intense, eh? Maybe you had heard that before. However, I wonder have you heard this before, Peter Griffin v Christian Bale. Absolutely superb. F****** superb, as Bale himself might say. Peter's responses are superb.

Now, all Christian Baled out? Not a problem. Let's move on. How about young, up and coming actor Michael Cera? He seems like a nice, normal, well balanced kinda chap, right? Wrong! Wildly, insanely wrong, You couldn't be more wrong! How about this particular on set melt down?

The best bit? Has to be when he gestures to an assistant to have his Hugh Heffner like robe handed to him. Oh boy, you are so right Mike, they are the least of your fu***** problems.

People, people, what is going on out there? I guess let's all just sleep on it and see what kind of niceties wake us up tomorrow. Onwards and upwards!


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Brian said...

Mentioned this to my buddy and turns out the Michael Cera one is fake - I knew he was too nice. And I think the robe gives it away!

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