Somebody slap Manny upside the head

So, reports are coming in that poor, broke, recession hit Manny Ramirez has declined a paltry $25 million dollar one year offer from those dastardly Dodgers of LA.

Those greedy Dodgers expect Manny to play a game for a year for only $25 million, an incredible insult to a man who's style of play only defines the word 'hustle'. Manny, who was never about the money, can only be incensed by this pittance of an offer, the kind of offer that other, less even handed and, well, less regal, players would simply spit at derisively.

$25 million?

How on earth is Manny and his family supposed to survive on that, particularly when you consider that the slugger has been surviving on around only $20 million for the best part of decade, paid off by those other misers, the Boston Red Sox.

We can all only shake our heads and wonder how Manny would be expected to live on that salary, whilst also commend him for having the bravery, nay, the courage and heart to turn down such a pathetic offer from the evil Dodgers!

Long live Manny Ramirez! The true man of the people.

Please sir, my children, they are starving!

So, what on earth is going on here? Is Manny awaiting a stronger offer from the Russian Super Leagues. Does Manny know where Russia is? Wait, does Manny know what Russia is?



Brian said…
Amazing stuff, interesting to see where'll he be plying his 'trade' next year...
john said…
You might reject a large sum of money too, if you spent a few months being victimized by collusion. Just sayin'