Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Step on, Stephon..

First things first, 'Stephon'? What's wrong with Stephen?

So the Knicks and Stephon Marbury have, finally, parted ways, and all reports indicate he will now sign with the Boston Celtics, just in time for him to be eligible for the playoff roster (yep, the Celtics will probably make the playoffs).

Worried about how Stephon might or might not fit in?

Maybe Marbury isn't the second coming of Mike Alstott, however you have to bear in mind, he was with the Knicks, and that's always going to bring a brother down, having to exist in that environment on a nightly basis.

Any which way you look at it, this is all superb news for Boston's sports writers. If Boston manages to go places in the playoffs and Marbury contributes a little, then you can look forward to gallons of articles on redemption and the like. If Boston falls apart, well, Marbury will be dragged through the Boston papers faster than Vince Wilfork after a cheeseburger on a Friday night.

Main stream media too, of course.

In light of the above news, we can now start the countdown to the inevitable Bill Simmons, 4,567 word article on the topic, with amusing asides on how silly foreigners are, how great awful US TV shows are and how it is no fun changing nappies.


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