Superbowl XLIV - To Win Outright

Well now, if it isn't the Pittsburgh 'we almost, almost choked that one up' Steelers who are favourites for Superbowl XLIV (rolls off the tongue, don't it?).

If you fancy the Steelers repeating you can grab them at 9/1 today. Pretty decent odds, all things considered! Second favourites? I am a little surprised about this considering the questions surrounding Tom Brady's knee, however none the less the Patriots are actually joint favourites also at 9/1. I guess the bookies are still reeling from the buzzsaw that was the 2007 Patriots regular season.

The Superbowl runners up from the season only just finished? How does 28/1 for the Cardinals strike you? Seems like some people have already forgotten the St Louis, sorry, Arizona Cardinals.

Looking for value? How about Houston, if they continue to improve, at 50/1? Or the New Orleans Saints, at 25/1? Maybe one of the best value bets available is the young, talented and up and coming Atlanta Falcons, at 20/1.

Or of course, you could always throw your money away on the circus that is the Dallas Cowboys, at 12/1!