Monday, February 23, 2009

WBC: Mazz won't be watching

The Globe's Tony Massarotti has come out and embarrassed himself and indeed the Globe with this shoddy little piece in today's sports section. Instead of having anything constructive to say about the upcoming World Baseball Classic, 'Mazz' resorts to the following;
Maybe it’s American arrogance at its finest, but does anyone here really care about the World Baseball Classic? OK, it’s a cute event that helps disrupt the monotony of spring training. But is there anyone out there who believes that this country takes the event seriously?

Yes indeed Tony, it is American arrogance, at its finest as you put it. The entire baseball world outside of the United States is chomping at the bit for the WBC to start. In that very statement Mazz captures the reason the United States didn't even make the finals in the last WBC. The States, from fans to players to the organisational level, just don't care.

Players from other countries would quite literally die to play for the country of their birth. Players for the United States? 'Wait, we get paid for this, right?'. As for poor old A-Roid, he doesn't even know what team to play for!

At a time when some writers are beginning to liken MLB to WWF (with rampant and unabashed steroid usage making the game a mockery) surely baseball purists would opt to open their arms to the WBC, and the colourful teams and players and varied styles of play?

Then again, why bother, right? Just stick to what you know, I guess, is what Mazz is implying in his sad, depressing and inane little side-note.

Anyway, I can confirm that the rest of the World is dying for the WBC to start, can't wait, and will continue to enjoy it even when the States gets knocked out in the preliminary rounds.



Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that i'm flying to LA to see the final!! I'll be sure to pass on your disapproval to any American who says 'who cares?'


Anonymous said...

It's not arrogance, but apathy for the MLB and Bud Selig. If it wasn't strictly a money grab, Ireland and other smaller countries would be involved. If it was important to Bud he would shut down MLB in mid-season for the WBC. If its not important enough to do during the summer months, it's not worth the time.

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