The word according to Dan

We are all accountable, aren't we? People hold us to record. Even in conversations with friends, you can't just flip-flop your opinions, eventually people call you to task, right?


Main stream media journalists flip-flop all the time. It has got to the stage where it's hard to even tell if some journalists actually have an opinion they believe in, or if they just sway with the wind, and regurgitate what they think people want to hear.

Case in point is the Globe's Dan Shaughnessy.

Only last week Shaughnessy wrote a piece that spread like wildfire across the Internet. In it he lambasted Tom Brady for, I kid you not, being photographed on holidays with his girlfriend in Mexico. Shaughnessy wrote that allowing himself to be photographed in that situation was weak on Brady's part, and insinuated that the Quarterback had gone 'soft'.

No, seriously. He actually wrote all of that, and more.

Now today, in an incredibly arrogant piece of writing, Shaughnessy pens that he believes the recently much ridiculed swimmer Michael Phelps is getting a raw deal for all the attention he has received for being photographed taking puffs from a bong. Shaughnessy argues that we should not judge the young swimmer for smoking an illegal substance, and goes on to say that the person who took the pictures should be the one that draws the public ire

''It's the cowardly creep with the cellphone camera who is worthy of scorn.''

Alright so, Dan. Let's get this straight. A young swimmer can be photographed smoking an illegal substance, and that's cool, in fact it's the photographer who is the 'creep'. However, a man who has just endured one of the toughest years of his life can not try and take a private holiday with his girlfriend without being sneakily photographed and then ridiculed by a supposedly intelligent journalist?

Cool: according to Dan

Someone is going to have to explain this one to me.

Not cool: according to Dan